Trouble Shooting Telephone

NO DIAL TONE: Unplug fax machine, answering machine, and phones from all outlets and phone jacks.  Wait a few minutes, and then plug each phone in one by one.  Check for a dial tone after you plug in each device.  If you get a dial tone while doing this, it may be one of your phones went bad.  If you have tested all of your phones and still do not have a dial tone, call our office.

INSIDE WIRE PROBLEM: This problem is indicated by a phone working at one jack but not at another, or a loose or broken phone jack.  Check wiring to make sure they have not been damaged or if you have any bare wires exposed to moisture.

TELEPHONE EQUIPMENT PROBLEM: Possible equipment problems that may cause loss of dial tone, a noisy line, or other problems are listed below.
1. Worn Cords
2. Broken cord clips
3. Receiver buttons stuck or push buttons
4. One phone is off hook causing no dial tone on all phones
5. Fax line still connected
6. Cordless phone needs to be reset (unplug both phone and outlet for 5 min)

ANOTHER POSSIBLE FIX: In your home you may have a white board with some equipment mounted on it.  One should be a white rectangular case with a green light; this would be the battery backup.  If you do not have a green light, or have a red light on the battery backup then there is a problem with the power outlet.  There is either no power to the outlet or the GFI outlet has tripped.  Follow the power cord from the battery backup to the outlet in which it is plugged into.  There should be two small buttons on the GFI outlet, one is a reset and one is a test button.  Press the reset button to restore power to the battery backup.  Once power is restored to the battery backup you should have a green light again.  Try your phones again.

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