Trouble Shooting Your Internet

1. First restart your device.  If this does not work proceed to step 2.

2. Now we need to determine if you have a router.  If you have wireless internet in your home, you do have a router somewhere in the home.  If you have more than one device on the internet, you will have a router.  If you have determined that you have a router proceed to step 3. If you do not have a router, then make sure your device has an Ethernet cord plugged into it and that the cord is in good shape. Try the device again, if your internet does not work, please call the office.

3. Make sure that your wireless card is turned on.  Sometimes on a laptop there is a switch or an “F” key at the top of your keyboard that will turn your wireless internet card on and off.  Make sure it is turned on.  Also, confirm that “airplane” mode is not turned on.  If this does not work proceed to step 4.

4. If you have a router, unplug the power from the router for about 15 seconds and then plug it back in.  Wait two minutes and try your device again.  If this does not work, proceed to step 5.

5. You will have one cord plugged into your router that is a “internet feed cord” or the cord that goes from the wall to the router. Unplug that cord and plug it directly into your device and try the internet again.

If you think you may not be getting the speed that you should be use this link to check your speed.  Write down the download and upload speeds and then contact the office to see if you are getting the correct speed. If you have tried these tips and problems still arise please call us at (608) 248.2323.

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